We have created a World Cup special site - it's the top 5 World Cup articles, delivered daily. - www.worldcupfilter.com

p.s. it's powered by the same system we will be using for the new FootballFilter site.


Credits & Inspiration

This site would not have been possible without a large collection of excellent tools. We would also like to credit the websites that have inspired us.


Modx (ditto, wayfinder, anythingRating, manager manager, ), piwik, jQuery (jquery tweet, tablesorter, hoverintent, cookie, ui slider ) swfobject, jw player, Blueprint CSS, Simplepie, PHP, Apache, Ubuntu, Intense debate, webnapr, instapaper, mailchimp, iui, wordpress, popuri, www.feedvalidator.org, google analytics, feedburner, the excellent pinvoke icons http://www.pinvoke.com/,

Contact us if you are interested to learn more about how this site was built.


Popurls - the original aggregator and biggest inspiration for this site

iuesthis.com - I am a big fan of your site and voting system


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